Transfer Oil S.p.A., founded in 1979, are today one of the major independent thermoplastic hose manufacturer for medium, high and very high pressures. Through a network made of the most relevant distributors of each industry, Transfer Oil hose products are distributed in 65 different countries.

Transfer Oil has grown quickly as an international company: it now ranks amongst the premier European companies in this sector and has acquired world market share thanks to the quality of its products and services, widely appreciated by both distributors and OEM’s all over the world.

The production structure of the company comprises two plants located in Italy for the production of thermoplastic hoses and hose assemblies.

With a total capacity of more than 13 millions meters (42 millions feet) per year, Transfer Oil are active in several industries such as general hydraulic systems for fork-lifts, aerial platforms, cranes, mobile devices, rescue tooling, or industrial application such as high pressure sewer jetting, gas and water supply, paint spray markets, air conditioning and refrigeration but also niche markets such as air breathing, high temperature applications and aggressive fluids are being serviced with Transfer Oil hoses.

The reasons for this success are based on the principles that Transfer Oil have used for thirty years :

  • Market and customer oriented approach.
  • Constant attention to technological innovation and modern research.
  • Use of high quality standards at each production and organization stage.
  • Careful training of technical and sales staff.
  • Selection of qualified partners.
  • Vision and foresight to achieve wider goals and success.

Today range count four major segments: TO HYDRAULIC (thermoplastic hoses for hydraulic applications), TO INDUSTRIAL (thermoplastic hoses for industrial applications), TO UHP (Multi Spiral Ultra High Pressure hoses and fittings up to 4000 bar/58000 psi) and GOMAX (thermoplastic hoses and fittings for air conditioning and refrigeration).、

Company history

1979 – Creation of Transfer Oil by Mr. Ferdinando Ferrari for the manufacturing of thermoplastic hoses for the industry of oil hydraulics.

1981 – Transfer Oil expands over Europe and the first export activities with national distributors is a fact.

1984 – Design and production of the first hoses for the water cleaning industry. This new industry offers rapid and important growth opportunities.

1990 – After an extensive research of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, Transfer Oil presents the first thermoplastic hose system capable of replacing copper tubes. New materials and production methods are introduced to offer hose solutions of the highest level.

1992 – Due to the strong increase in demand, the manufacturing grounds are enlarged to 5.000 square meters / 54.000 square foot.

1993 – A new business division is set up under the name of GOMAX for the international distribution of hose systems for air conditioning / refrigeration applications. ISO9001 certification of Transfer Oil’s quality system as one of the first in the industry.

1995 – Due to the need for space, new production facilities are built bringing the total production surface up to 8.000 square meters / 86.000 square foot are built next to the existing plant, this accompanied by an increase of production capacity.

1998 – Again, new production grounds of 16000 m2 are bought to sustain the constant growth.

2002 – GOMAX products have become the preferential choice of many global AC/R OEM’s, who recognize not only the technical but also secondary advantages of GOMAX products such as quiet and smooth operation eliminating vibration noises in units.

2003 – Introduction of Ecology hoses for sewer cleaning applications. Among the most important characteristics is the hose’s increased lifetime thanks to the introduction of a revolutionary bonding system.

2004/2005 – Sales of hoses for hydraulic and industrial applications in constant strong growth, needing further investments.

2006 – Launch of the divisions TO HYDRAULIC and TO INDUSTRIAL, widening of the range to more than 40 hose families.

2007 – Important further investments in state of the art braiding machinery to increase capacity by 30% to 13 million meters per annum. Transfer Oil hose products are sold to over 55 countries on 5 continents.

2008 – TO HYDRAULIC – TO INDUSTRIAL range of products is widened up to 50 hose families, for total 280 hose products, 110 of them all new. Also the GOMAX range has been significantly widened, introduction also a new professional crimping set, confirming Transfer Oil leading position in this market.

2012 – The GOMAX® division developed a new QUADRA™ flexible hose to exceed the new specification EN 1736:2008 that regulates the performance of the flexible hoses in air conditioning and refrigeration units. Tests results for all GOMAX® QUADRA™ flexible hoses, when calculated according to EN 1736:2008, achieves CLASS 1 that is the most stringent permeability category today recognized by the market.

2012 – Construction of a new 5100 square meter (16,732 squared foot) annexe plant specifically designed as an integral continuation of the main building.

2012 – Construction of a photovoltaic / solar powered system capable of generating one-fifth of the factory’s annual power consumption.

2013 – Launch of the division TO UHP – Thermoplastic multi-spiral hoses for ultra high pressure applications such as water cutting, UHP tube cleaning, surface preparation, paint removal, hydro demolition, waterblasting, bolt tensioning.

2013 – ISO14001 certification of Transfer Oil’s environmental management system as one of the first in this industry.

2015 – Approval and certification of its Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the British Standard OHSAS 18001.

2016 – Opening of its first subsidiary in Singapore, Transfer Oil Asia Pte. Ltd.