058 1SB Steel Braid Yachting Hose

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  • Thermoplastic hose with white cover for marine and yachting high pressure hydraulic applications
  • From 190 to 360 bar (2700 to 5200 psi)
INNER TUBE Polyester elastomer
REINFORCEMENT One braid of steel wire
COVER Polyurethane, white, non pinpricked, black ink-jet branding
APPLICATIONS ► Marine and off-shore equipment
► General hydraulic, steering and movement systems on pleasure boats and yachts
► Hydraulic gangways
FEATURES ► Slimline construction for compact installation and flexibility
► Lightweight
► Steel braid offers low volumetric expansion and optimum change in length characteristics
► Abrasion resistant
TEMPERATURE RANGE ► -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F)
► Limited to +70°C (+158°F) for air and water based fluids
DESCRIPTION  High pressure hose suitable for petroleum, synthetic or water based hydraulic fluids used in applications requiring increased resistance  to seawater and saline environment. Steel braid offers increased mechanical protection compared to yarn braided hoses. The white cover with UV protection makes it the ideal choice for pleasure boats and yachting equipment.
VACUUM RATING ► -0,93 bar / -700 mm Hg
► -13,5 psi / -27,5 inch Hg
SPECIFICATIONS SAE 100R1. Meets or exceeds pressure specifications of EN 853 1ST, EN 853 1SN and EN 857 1SC

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058 1SB Steel Braid Yachting Hose

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