168 Off Shore Master 3K Hose

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  • Thermoplastic constant pressure hose for off-shore high pressure hydraulic applications
  • Up to 210 bar (up to 3000 psi)
INNER TUBE Polyamide PA11 Rilsan® BESNO P40 TLO
REINFORCEMENT Two braids of aramid fiber
COVER Polyurethane, black, non pinpricked, white ink-jet branding
APPLICATIONS ► Marine and off-shore equipment
► ROVs (remotely operated vehicles)
► BOP valves
► Methanol injection
► Seismic air gun systems
FEATURES ► Aramid reinforcement for high pressure performance
► Lightweight
► Flexible
► Compact
► Bonded construction
► Abrasion resistant
DESCRIPTION  High pressure hose suitable for petroleum, synthetic or water based hydraulic fluids used in applications requiring increased resistance to seawater and saline environment. The size, pressure rating and special cover make this hose the optimal choice  or off-shore equipment like ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) tethered underwater robots used in the off-shore industry. Specially designed hose can be manufactured upon request.
TEMPERATURE RANGE ► -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F)
► Limited to +70°C (+158°F) for air and water based fluids
VACUUM RATING ► -0,93 bar / -700 mm Hg
► -13,5 psi / -27,5 inch Hg
SPECIFICATIONS Hose manufactured to the applicable requirements of API17E/ISO 13628-5

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168 Off Shore Master 3K Hose

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